Cultural programme and Lunch for 2153 senior citizens at MGI (MOKA) on 26th November 2015

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We owe senior citizens our thanks and a heartfelt salute for their contribution in the building of our nation. We can best demonstrate our gratitude and esteem by spending time with them.

Mauritius Telecom Foundation in its endeavour to honour our elderly population has organised a cultural programme and lunch  for 2153 senior citizens from 35 villages coming from the centre of the isand at MGI Moka. We recognised  and showed our appreciation for the contribution of elderly people to home, family and society.

One of our key objective is to reduce the inter-generation gap between seniors and young people.  Our activities encourage young people to care for the seniors and the latter enjoy sharing their experiences. The activities for seniors have proved to brighten the lives of many lonely and low-income senior citizens.

Our activities are also a platform for our senior citizens to express themselves through cultural programmes where they share with the young generation our traditions and cultures.