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The Mauritius Telecom Foundation is a Special Purpose Vehicle established in December 2009 to administer the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Funds and Projects of Mauritius Telecom group. As one of the As one of the leading enterprises and the leader in the telecommunications sector in Mauritius, Mauritius Telecom is fully committed to upholding its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards its stakeholders –Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Environment, The Mauritian society in general.

Company No. : 92247
Business Registration No. : CO9O92247
CSR Accreditation No. : N/1292

The following companies credit their CSR Funds to the Mauritius Telecom Foundation: 

  • Mauritius Telecom Ltd
  • Cellplus Mobile Communications Ltd
  • Telecom Plus Ltd
  • Call Services Ltd
  • Teleservices Ltd

Board of Directors

The board of directors of the Mauritius Telecom Foundation is constituted of:


Chief Executive Officer
Mauritius Telecom

Mr Sarat Dutt LALLAH


Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer 
Mauritius Telecom

Mrs Nathalie CLERE


Bashir Mahamode
Project Coordinator
Phone: 203 7027

Bhonisha Dabeesing
CSR Assistant
Phone: 203 7447

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